Monday, July 8, 2019

Believe in your product.

When I started Mola Foods 3 years ago, it was difficult to get retailers to take a chance on us, and that was a hard pill to swallow; because I believe everyone should be given a chance to shine before doors are closed. Don't just underestimate someone's product without ever trying it. I, however, believe being unique is what makes our strength.

 We created a culture in a bottle with a twist. I can understand the hesitation, but I hoped to spur curiosity by bringing a product people would be proud to have in their kitchen pantry.

 I used to be so surprised to receive dismissive comments about our products because we are so different. These people refused to take the time to learn about our product and that certainly did hurt me a lot. I thought about ways to let people get to know about our products and to get the word out to others.

 So I started going to the Farmers Markets and I was elated to find that people believe in giving local vendors a chance and, that's when I started to see results. More and more people were drawn to our products and wanted to try.

While everyone else was still skeptical, I persisted.  Ultimately, I'm getting traction with a few retailers and, soon I believe more will welcome our products in their stores with open arms.